Gulyayev Yuri Vasilyevich
RussiaMoskow Kotel'nikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Mokhovaya 11-7, Moscow, 125009, Russia Research Manager Full Member and Member of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciencegulyaev@cplire.rutel.: +7 (495) 629 3591
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Scientific interests. Solid state physics, radiophysics, electronics and informatics. He was pioneer in acousto-electronics, acousto-optics and spin-wave electronics. He was first who proposed idea to use surface acoustic waves (SAW) in electronics, predicted and investigated new type of SAWs, know now as Gulyaev-Bluestein waves. He also predicted and investigated a new type of particle transport phenomena in solid state, which take place when electrons are enthralled with acoustic waves. He studied light diffraction on acoustic waves in anisotropic conducting media, resonance and nonlinear acousto-electronic and scousto-optic phenomena (including phenomena in optical fibers), interaction of spin-waves with electro-magnetic fields and electrons in multilayer ferromagnet-semiconductor structures.