Koronovskii A. A.
Russia Saratov State University, ul. Astrakhanskaya, 83, Saratov, 410012, Russia 1) pro-rector on research activity; 2) Head of physics of open systems department of the faculty of nonlinear processesDoctor of physico-mathematical Sciencesalexey.koronovskii@gmail.com, koronovskyaa@info.sgu.ru alexey.koronovskii@gmail.com, koronovskyaa@info.sgu.ru tel. +7(8452)522912, +7(8452)514294 address: Saratov State University, 83, Astrakhanskaya str., Saratov, 410012, Russian Federation
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Scientific interests.Nonlinear dynamics and its manifistations in different fields of human activity including nonlinear dynamics of social and economic processes.

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