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Nonlinear Dynamics in Action

Modeling conflict in a social system using diffusion equations

The issue of modeling various kinds of social conflicts using diffusion equations is discussed. The main approaches to and methods of mathematical modeling in contemporary humanitarian sciences. The main concepts of social conflicts, ways of their classification, interpretation, including ethnic-social, religious and other conflicts are considered. The notion of a conflict in a social system is defined in terms of mathematical modeling. A model based on Langevin diffusion equation is introduced.

«bifurcation chronicle» of saratov university department of physics and mathematics. 1917–1945

Topic.The article reflects important milestones in the history of the physics and mathematics faculty of Saratov University (1917–1945), which played the role of the most important educational and scientific center of the Volga region and the East of Russia. The faculty was established by the Decree of the Provisional Government on July 1 (14), 2017, and began its work from September of the same year. In the pre-war years, the biological, chemical, geographic and geological departments were separated from the faculty.