Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

The effect of symmetry breaking on reversible systems with myxed dynamics

Theme – the effect of symmetry violation on the structure of the phase space of invertible systems. Aim – to study the changes in the phase space structure of invertible systems caused by the violation of symmetry, in particular, the possibility of multistability and the types of coexisting attractors.

Dynamics of two-component parabolic systems of Schrodinger type

Issue. The paper considers the local dynamics of important for applications class of two-component nonlinear systems of parabolic equations. These systems contain a small parameter appearing in the diffusion coefficients and characterizing «closeness» of the initial system of a parabolic type to a hyperbolic one. On quite natural conditions critical cases in the problem about balance state stability are realized to linearized equation coefficients.

Scenarios of the passage of the «population bottleneck» by an invasive species in the new model of population dynamics

Topic. The subject of the article is the expansion of the author’s research series in the direction of mathematical modeling of specific ecological situations and transitional regimes that arise in nonlinear population processes with complex internal regulation.

Optimization of Granger causation method parameters for the study of limbic epilepsy

Purpose. The aim is to reveal the dependence of Granger causality results on chosen time scales of constructed empirical models in application to the task of investigation of evolution of coupling between brain areas during limbic seizures.

Bifurcations of attracting sets of cutting tool deformation displacements at the evolution of treatment process properties

Aim. The aim of the investigation is to study the evolutionary properties changes of the dynamic cutting system and the bifurcation of the attracting sets of the deformation displacement of the tool due to the irreversible transformation of the energy input in coupling tool-processing are considered.

Excitability of neuron-like generator under pulse stimulation

Subject of the study. Excitable dynamic systems are the systems having a stable equilibrium and capable of generating a large amplitude response to a weak stimulation. Excitable dynamic systems research is one of the most interesting and actual problems of modern nonlinear science. In the present paper dynamics of phase-locked loop with bandpass filter is studied under external pulse stimulation. Novelty.

Chaos and order in atmosheric dynamics Part 3. Predictability of El Nino

Topic. Based on the assumption that short-term climatic variations are nonchaotic, and, therefore, the paradigm of the limited predictability of weather formulated by E.N. Lorenz is not applicable to these variations, a question is posed about the unlimited predictability of the short-term climatic variations.


A mathematical model with 2.5 degrees of freedom under external periodic stimulation is investigated. It is a model of chaotic oscillator with bipolar transistor as an active element. It is shown that external periodic stimulation of the oscillator of such system allows to generate chaotic pulse stream.


DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2015-23-2-37-46


Aim. The aim of the study is to formulate an effective model of the power grid, to determine the stable modes of its operation, to identify differences in the considered modes and to test the stability of the system to changes in control parameters, initial conditions and to various types of external influence.