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Simulation of field nonlinear phase shift dynamics in ring interferometer in case of two-frequency influence

Families of initial-final maps, bifucation lines, maps of Lyapunov’s characterictic exponents and fractal dimentionality D0 are constructed for a model of nonlinear pphase shift dynamics for ont- and two-frequency field in a ring interferometer. The influence of a spectrum form of two-frequency radiation to a structure of mentioned maps is clarified.Ways of maps quantitative analysis are suggested and realized.

Spatial deterministic chaos: the model and demonstration of phenomenon in computing experiment

The concept of spatial deterministic chaos is justified. An attempt to give its settheoretic definition is undertaken. Transition from the ordinary differential equations to discrete maps without use of an approximation of the instantaneous response is realized for mathematical description of spatial deterministic chaos. The developed theoretical theses are applied for deriving a dynamics model in terms of discrete maps of nonlinear phase shift in a ring interferometer.

Investigation of possibility to use ion treatment for enhancement of gyrotron cathode quality

A method for gyrotron cathode treatment by flow of potassium ions has been developed, and the effect of ion bombardment on the emission characteristics of W-Ba and LaB6 cathodes has been investigated. The influence of cathode surface material, cathode emission activity and ion energy on the result of ion treatment was revealed.

Year of physics: etudes about einstein

Hundred years ago Albert Einstein’s five important works were published. These works changed significantly our representation about the world around and had huge influence on the development of our civilization.

Eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of the perron–frobenius operator of piece-wise linear chaotic maps

A chaotic piece-wise linear map having arbitrary interchange of linear increasing and decreasing branches is introduced. Polynomial eigenfunctions for associated non-selfadjoint Perron–Frobenius operator are found. Odd eigenvalus of the operator depend on difference between numbers of increasing and decreasing map branches. This situation may determine transition of odd polynomials from set of eigenfunctions to null-space of the operator or lead to nonsimplicity of eigenvalues.

Influence of chaos for confinement period of charged particles in magnetic trap

Numerical modeling of behavior of the charged particle in a magnetic field of an open trap is carried out. Correlation between confinement period of charged particle in a trap and degree of a randomness of trajectory is shown. On the basis of study of power spectra domains of existence of chaotic oscillatory modes are submitted. Maps of dynamic modes are constructed in the phase variables planes.

Генезис схемы чуа

Статья представляет собой систематическое изложение последовательности технических этапов, пройденных автором при разработке схемы, генерирующей хаос. Процедура разработки, хотя и ясна по своей природе, не могла быть изобретена без использования некоторых важных свойств нелинейных схем и их физических реализаций.


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