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On the development of a physical experiment in microwave electronics and nonlinear dynamics

In modern conditions, the leader scientific work is like a director, he creates the performance, although it does not appear on stage.

James Clerk Maxwell: two remarkable dates

This article considers events in which great Scotchman J.C. Maxwell played principal role  and the significance for the evolution of the world culture, which cannot be overestimated. There are two anniversaries in 2014: first, 150 years of the publication of his final work on the theory of the electromagnetic field, and second, 140 years of the organizing Cavendish Laboratory under his leadership, becoming the world centre of science. Questionable dates associated with these events are discussed.

Shulim Efimovich Tsimring. Years of team-work

The paper is dedicated to the memory of Shulim Efimovich Tsimring. 

Year of physics: etudes about Einstein

Hundred years ago Albert Einstein’s five important works were published. These works changed significantly our representation about the world around and had huge influence on the development of our civilization. 

From the reminiscences on L.A. Vainshtein

Lev Al’bertovich Vainshtein (6.12.1920–8.09.1989) – the Soviet scientist, raidiophysisist, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The paper is the extracts from any books dedicated to the memory of L.A. Vainshtein. 

About the history of nonlinear integral equations

The work is dedicated to the history of the theory of nonlinear integral equations, covering a period before the start of the 1930s. By analyzing the specifics of the initial period, authors emphasize that the integral equations (in particular, nonlinear equations) is independent object of research with their own problems, requiring its own system of concepts and own language. As a starting point here A.M.

Our first teachers: pages of biographies by p. N. Lebedev and n. N. Semenov

About persons who may induce and maintain an interest in science: Teachers by P.N. Lebedev and N.N. Semenov.