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Deterministic Chaos

Synchronization in systems with bimodal dynamics

Considering model with bimodal dynamics we investigate the synchronization of di?erent time scales. Transition between mode-locked and mode-unlocked chaotic attractors is investigated. It is shown that this transition involves a situation in which the synchronized chaotic attractor loses its band structure.

Verification of hyperbolicity conditions for a chaotic attractor in a system of coupled nonautonomous van der Pol oscillators

We present a method and results of numerical computations on verification of hyperbolic nature for the chaotic attractor in a system of two coupled nonautonomous van der Pol oscillators (Kuznetsov, Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 2005, 144101). At selected parameter values, we indicate a toroidal domain in four-dimensional phase space of Poincare map (topologically, a direct product of a circle and a three-dimensional ball), which is mapped into itself and contains the attractor we analyze.

Statistical properties of the intermittent transition to chaos in the quasi-periodically forced system

By the example of the quasi-periodically forced logistic map we investigate statistical properties of the transition from strange nonchaotic attractor to chaos in the system with intermittent dynamics. The probability characteristics of laminar and chaotic phase distributions, as well as scaling laws for distributions of local Lyapunov exponents are studied at parameter values near the transition point.

Influence of noise on chaotic self-sustained oscillations in the regime of spiral attractor

In the present paper we analyze the influence of white and colored noise on chaotic self-sustained oscillations in the regime of spiral attractor. We study characteristics of instantaneous phase and spectra of noisy chaotic oscillations. The phenomenon of chaos synchronization by external narrow-band noise has been estimated. Synchronization phenomena under the influence of narrow-band noise signals with equal spectra and different probability densities are compared.

Critical behavior of asymmetrically coupled noisy driven nonidentical systems with period-doublings

We investigated the influence of external noise on the critical behavior typical to nonidentical coupled systems with period-doubling. We obtained the numerical value of the scaling factor for noise amplitude by means of the renormalization group analysis. Also we demonstrated the self-similar structure of the parameter plane near the critical point in the model system of two noisy driven coupled logistic maps.

Peculiarities of complex dynamics and transitions to chaotic regimes in the model of two interacting systems with phase control

The work is devoted to investigation of complex dynamics in the model of two interacting systems with phase and delay control. Stability conditions of synchronous regime are determined. The processes of excitement of nonsynchronous regimes and transitions between them are considered. Scenarios of development of nonsynchronous regimes under variation of the systems parameters are determined. Routes to chaotic behavior of the model are discussed. Results are presented in the form of one-parameter bifurcation diagrams and phase portraits of the model attractors.

About scaling properties of identical coupled logistic maps with two types of coupling without noise and under influence of external noise

In this paper the influence of noise in system of identical coupled logistic maps with two types of coupling – dissipative and inertial – is discussed. The corresponding renormalization group analysis is presented. Scaling property in the presence of noise is considered, and necessary illustrations in «numerical experiment style» are given.

Experimental realization of Lorenz model of liquid’s convective instability in vertical toroidal loop

Stable and unstable regimes of glycerine convection in vertical toroidal loop are investigated experimentally. The results of Fourier-analysis, DFA, wavelet-, and correlation analysis of liquid’s motion peculiarities are presented. Chaotic attractor with Lorenzattractor signs is constructed.

Attractors of Smale–Williams type in periodically kicked model systems

Examples of model non­autonomous systems are constructed and studied possessing hyperbolic attractors of Smale–Williams type in their stroboscopic maps. The dynamics is determined by application of a periodic sequence of kicks, in such way that on one period of the external driving the angular coordinate, or the phase of oscillations, behaves in accordance with an expanding circle map with chaotic dynamics.

Computation of Lyapunov exponents for spatially extended systems: advantages and limitations of various numerical methods

Problems emerging in computations of Lyapunov exponents for spatially extended systems are considered. We concentrate on the incorrect orthogonalization of high sized ill conditioned matrices appearing in course of the computation, and on large errors emerging under certain conditions if the finite difference numerical method is applied to solve equations. The practical guidelines helping to avoid the mentioned problems are represented.