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Procedures for Reviewing Manuscripts

Approved 21 December 2014

by the Editorial Board meeting

  • Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the Editorial Board no less than twice a month. Meetings are held by the chief editor or one of his deputies.
  • For original research papers including articles submitted according to the results of national and international conferences, debut articles, articles under the headings "Science for Education" and "Nonlinear Dynamics and Humanities", and scientific reviews the editorial Board appoints a reviewer whose expertise most closely matches the manuscript’s topic upon prior consultation with him/her.
  • The reviewer may be an employee of Saratov State University or an exterior expert, which has publications in the fiekd of the manuscript for last 3 years. If this does not lead to a conflict of interests the reviewer may be a member of the editorial Board. Further the manuscript is sent to the reviewer for a period of 1 month. For letters to the editor and articles under the heading "History of Nonlinear Dynamics. Personalia", "Methodical Papers in Nonlinear Dynamics", "Book Review", "From Books and Journals", "Student’s Bookshelf" the Editorial Board makes an independent decision.
  • After analyzing the originality of the study, its relevance, theoretical and practical significance, performance level, the reviewer may give one of the following recommendations:
    • to accept the manuscript for publication with no comments,
    • to accept the manuscript for publication with comments,
    • to suggest revision of the manuscript and the re-submission,
    • to reject the manuscript or send it to another journal.
  • After receiving the review, the Editorial Board considers it at the next meeting. It has the right to agree with the reviewer's decision or send the manuscript for re-review to another expert. The review is sent to the author without specifying the name of the reviewer or any other information that could reveal his/her identity, together with the decision of the Editorial Board on the day of the Editorial Board meeting (one-sided blind review). If the manuscript is accepted for publication, including light remarks, the editorial Board is not sending it for a re-review. If the manuscript is sent for reviewing again, the same rules re applied as for initial review.
  • When obtaining the official request, the Editorial Office sends the copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.
  • In cases of plagiarism, re-publish of previously published materials without statement or other substantial violations of publishing ethics the Editorial Board has the right to reject the manuscript at any stage even if the manuscript has been approved for publication.
  • All decisions of the Editorial Board are made by open voting based on a simple majority of those present. If one or more members of the Editorial Board are unable to attend the meeting due to busyness, illness or distance, but have formed an opinion on the issue in advance, they can write it and hand to the Chairman, his deputies or Executive Secretary, and this opinion is taken into account when voting.
  • Reviews are kept for at least 5 years and are available upon request to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.