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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

Deterministic Chaos

Few particle diffusion in localizing potentials: chaos and regularity

In this work we study the dynamics of wave packets propagation of a few interacting quantum particles with different types of spatial inhomogeneity. Single particle or, equivalently, many noninteracting particles are localized in the case of spatial disorder, and experience localization–delocalization transition in the case of quasi-periodic inhomogeneity. In the other limiting case of many interacting particles, the problem is solved in the mean-field approximation, which leads to discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation.

Belykh attractor in Zaslavsky map and its transformation under smoothing

If we allow non-smooth or discontinuous functions in definition of an evolution operator for dynamical systems, then situations of quasi-hyperbolic chaotic dynamics often occur like, for example, on attractors in model Lozi map and in Belykh map.

Statistical characteristics of noise-induced intermittency in multistable systems

The paper is devoted to the study of noise-induced intermittent behavior in multistable systems. Such task is an important enough because despite of a great interest of investigators to the study of multistability and intermittency, the problem connected with the detailed understanding of the processes taking place in the multistable dynamical systems in the presence of noise and theoretical description of arising at that intermittent behavior is still remain unsolved.