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Sominski G. G., Tumareva T. A. Prospective field emitters made from carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconductors recent developments. Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2015, vol. 23, iss. 2, pp. 74-93. DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2015-23-2-74-93

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Prospective field emitters made from carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconductors recent developments

Sominski G. G., Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Tumareva Tatjana Alekseevna, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

The article presents the latest published in the literature data on the development and research of promising field emitters made from carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconductors. The possibilities of obtaining high densities and currents of field emission, as well as opportunities to ensure long-term operation of emitters in high-voltage electron devices are analyzed. 

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