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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

broadband synchronization

Mutual synchronization of two coupled generators with delay

The effects of synchronization in the system of two coupled oscillators with delay are investigated. The picture of possible modes of generation in the case of identical and non-identical excitation parameters is studied in detail. The possibility of full synchronization in the stationary single-frequency, self-modulation and chaotic generation regime is demonstrated. The regime of «broadband synchronization» is found. In contrast with coupled finite dimensional systems, the boundaries of broadband synchronization area have wavy form.

Bifurcation analysis of synchronization and amplitude death in coupled generators with inertial nonlinearity

The results of analysis of bifurcation transitions to synchronous regimes and amplitude death are discussed for two dissipatively coupled generators with inertial nonlinearity. It was determined that there are two types of synchronization regions in this system: first consists of both frequency lock and suppression areas, second has only frequency lock area. At the weakly non-identical excitement parameters the first-type synchronization regions merge together.