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Chair of electronics

From the history of the chair formation

This is the fragments from my unpublished book «I learned and worked in the Soviet Union». These fragments are date back to the first years of the «electronical education» at the Saratov State University. The first part of the memory notes «I learned in the USSA» was published in the journal «Applied Nonlinear Dynamics» (2009, vol. 17, № 1, p. 103).

Memory notes about the chair formation

The early fifties. The Chair of electronics is making at Saratov State University. The graduating student of 1954 writes this paper about the first years of the Chair formation, its scientific subjects, famous «basement» and, above all, about people – colleagues, scientists, friends.

Chair of electronics, oscillation and waves 2003 – 2012

Latest developments and successes achieved of the Chair of electronics, oscillation and waves of the Saratov state University are described.