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computer simulation

Features of time­-spatial structure formation of the multiwave cherenkov-­oscillator radiation

The analysis of influence of the reflection coefficient of the electromagnetic field from the cathode on the radiation characteristics of Cherenkov generators was carried out by the methods of computer simulation. It is shown that the optimal parameters of generation can be achieved at the values of the reflection coefficient close to unity.

Blow-­up with complex exponents. Log-­periodic oscillations in the democratic fiber bundle model

The main trend of some blow-up systems is disturbed by log-periodic oscillations infinitely accelerating when approaching the blow-up point. Explanation of such behavior typical e.g. for seismic and economic phenomena could give an insight into the nature of blow-up point rising in this case as the condensation of constant phase points of oscillations. This viewpoint is a particular case of the more general approach that treats not oscillations as a disturbance of the growing trend, but the trend itself as a result of oscillatory process.