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differentially coherent detection

Simulation of differentially coherent information transmission system based on chaotic radio pulses in ADS environment

Subject of the study. The subject of the work was the study of direct chaotic differentially coherent information transmission scheme based on chaotic radio pulses and its properties. The aim of the work was to carry out circuit simulation of the scheme in order to obtain its characteristics close to the characteristics of real device for the subsequent transition to experiments with physical layouts of differentially coherent transmission scheme. Methods. The circuit simulation was carried out in specialized program environment Advanced Design System (ADS).

Differentially coherent information transmission based on chaotic radio pulses

Subject of the study. Differentially coherent information transmission scheme using chaotic signals as carriers - DCSK (Differential Chaos Shift Keying) was proposed as an alternative to communication systems based on chaotic synchronization. It is resistant to noise and other disturbances at the same level as classic transmission systems based on regular signals. However the requirement of using long time delay lines makes difficult practical implementation of wireless communication systems based on DCSK.