ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)


Radiative processes, radiation instability and chaos in the radiation formed by relativistic beams moving in three-dimensional (two-dimensional) space-periodic structures (natural and photonic crystals)

We review the results of studies of spontaneous and stimulated emission of relativistic particles in natural and photonic crystals. We consider the diffraction of electromagnetic waves in a crystal, and the resonance and parametric (quasi-Cherenkov) X-ray radiation, the radiation in the channeling of relativistic particles in crystals, diffraction radiation in conditions of channeling, diffraction radiation of a relativistic oscillator, induced radiation in multidimensional space-periodic resonators (natural or artificial (electromagnetic, photonic) crystals).

Nonlinear electromagnetic wave passing through the layer with quadratic and fractionally-­polynomial permittivity dependences on amplitude

The integral equations for powerful flat electromagnetic wave diffraction on nonlinear dielectric layer with cubic nonlinearity and fractionally­polynomial permittivity dependence on wave amplitude have been considered and solved. There are results which have been obtained by several numerical methods: series approaching, minimal discrepancy, power series expansion, and Runge–Kutt methods. Also the some analytical results are presented.