ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)


Autonomous system generating hyperbolic chaos: circuit simulation and experiment

We consider an electronic device, which represents an autonomous dynamical system with hyperbolic attractor of the Smale–Williams type in the Poincare map. Simulation of chaotic dynamics in the software environment Multisim has been undertaken. The generator of hyperbolic chaos is implemented as a laboratory model; its experimental investigation is carried out, and good compliance with the observed dynamics in the numerical and circuit simulation has been demonstrated.

Development in spbspu of field emitters for electron devices operating at technical vacuum conditions

The methods of field emitter durability growth while operating in technical vacuum conditions are developed in SPbSPU and are describing in this paper. Two possibilities to secure durable emitter operation are considered: using the special protective fullerene coatings and arrangement of new type of emitter where the fields of spots on the contacts of the materials with greatly different work function provide the field emission.

Experimental study of type I intermittency in a generator synchronized with external harmonic signal in the presence of noise

Аn experimental study of statistical properties of type I intermittency in the presence of noise is presented. For the first time an electronic experiment to study periodic oscillations synchronization destruction in case of small detuning in the presence of noise is held. The results are found to be in accordance with theory.