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field emission

Multilayer field emitters on a thin metal substrate

The purpose of this work is to determine the ability of creating multilayer cathodes from contacted materials with different work functions ef on thin metal substrates, as well as the practical use of such cathodes for the formation of intense sheet and annular in cross sections electron flows in miniature but high-voltage devices. Methods.

Numerical simulation of the field emission diode oscillator with photonic crystal resonator

Results of the theoretical analysis of the diode oscillator with a field-emission cathode placed in a photonic crystal resonator are considered. The analysis of conditions of self-excitation in the small signal approximation is carried out. The nonstationary numerical model of the oscillator based on the nonstationary equation of excitation of the resonator and the particle-in-cell method is developed. Numerical simulation of the processes of oscillation build-up is performed.

Development of field emitters for short wave microwave devices and their investigation in spbpu. The last achievements

Topic and aim. The data on the latest achievements of authors on the development and investigation of field emitters for electron-beam microwave devices of millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths range are presented. Methods. The methods for creating and characteristics of new type cathodes, that are of great practical interest, are described: multi-tip silicon cathodes with two-layer metal-fullerene coatings and multilayer nano-structured cathodes, whose emission is determined by the fields at the contacts of materials with a different work function.