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Numerical simulation of the field emission diode oscillator with photonic crystal resonator

Results of the theoretical analysis of the diode oscillator with a ?eld-emission cathode placed in a photonic crystal resonator are considered. The analysis of conditions of self-excitation in the small signal approximation is carried out. The nonstationary numerical model of the oscillator based on the nonstationary equation of excitation of the resonator and the particle-in-cell method is developed. Numerical simulation of the processes of oscillation build-up is performed.

Numerical calculation of the electrodynamic characteristics of the diode oscillator with photonic crystal resonator

Design of a diode oscillator with a field­emission cathode placed in a photonic crystal (PC) resonator is described. Results of numerical calculation of basic electrodynamic parameters of the PC resonator are presented. The 3D electrodynamic simulation by using the modern software package HFSS shows that varying the design of the energy output allows control of the loaded Q­factor in a wide range. Selection of the optimal value of the loaded Q­factor provides rather high output power and efficiency for reasonable values of the field­emission cathode current density.