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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)


Skin sensitivity: specificity of the dynamics of spatial­temporal patterns of activity of mechanoreceptors versus «labeled lines»

Through the development of methods for detecting the dynamics of spatial-temporal patterns of activity in the nervous system fundamental evidences obtained, that the sensory code have integrative nature and theories of localisation of function are inconsistent. The paper presents a review of electrophysiological data and models, indicating the integrative mechanisms of information coding in the peripheral skin analyzer of humans and animals.

Fractal analysis of neuron’s activity and model’s behavior

It is shown that discovered fractal properties of neuronal interspike interval sequence contradicts the reflex theory. The simplified model of formation and realization of individual experience based on reflex theory view of individual experience structure as a tree has been proposed. Behavior of the model does not show fractal properties. It is suggested that non-reflex model of individual experience structure formed as a tree of skills is needed. It is shown the possibility of nonlinear (fractal) properties estimation in the data for evaluation of a theory.