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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

параметрический генератор

Parametric generators with chaotic amplitude dynamics corresponding to attractors of smale–williams type

A new approach is considered to design of parametric generators of chaos with hyperbolic attractors on the basis of two alternately excited subsystems, each consisting of three oscillators, one of which plays the role of the pump source. In contrast to previously proposed schemes, the angular variable undergoing a multiple increase over each characteristic period is a quantity characterizing the amplitude ratio of two oscillators, rather then the phase of successive oscillation trains.

Lorenz type attractor in electronic parametric generator and its transformation outside the accurate parametric resonance

The paper deals with a parametric oscillator composed of three LC-circuits and a quadratic nonlinear reactive element built on the basis of an operational amplifier and an analog multiplier; the equations for amplitudes of the interacting modes are derived. Motivation is a desire to implement the mechanism of parametric interaction of oscillatory modes giving rise to emergence of a strange attractor of Lorenz type without distortions introduced by nonlinearities of order three and higher.