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поверхностные магнитостатические волны

Electrodynamical characteristicsof periodic ferromagnetic structures

The periodic structure consisting of a shallow grooves on a surface of a ferromagnetic ?lm was investigated. The electrodynamical characteristics of propagation of the surface magnetostatic wave in this structure were obtained. The 2D model of the periodical Yttrium Iron Garnet structure was numerically studied by the algorithm based on the Finite Element method. The spatial distribution of the electric and magnetic ?eld components in di?erent points of dispersion characteristics was studied in detail.

Experimental research of dispersion of magnetostatic surface waves

The exact dispersion equation of electromagnetic modes propagating in structures that include tangentially magnetized ferrite film with surfaces bordered on media with different permittivity is derived. In the low­wavenumber range the comparison of the theoretical calculation with the experimental measurement of dispersion of magnetostatic surface waves propagating in the layered structures of such  types as dielectric­tangentially magnetized ferrite film of yttrium iron garnet–gadolinium gallium garnet is made.

Influence of input signal power on magnetostatic surface waves propagation in yttrium-iron garnet films on silicon substrates

Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) films on silicon substrates (Si) are of a great interest due to compatibility of their fabrication with semiconductor technologies and, thus, possible integration of magnonic and electronic devices on one chip. However, features of spin wave propagation in YIG films on semiconductor substrates remain almost unexplored.