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semiconductor disk laser

Intracavity optical parametric oscillator: Model of dynamic system with different values of time delay for pump and signal radiation

 Most of intracavity pumped optical parametric oscillators (OPO) are made nowaday according to a scheme with a single-resonance OPO located in the cavity of a pump laser. Usually the cavities of the pump and OPO (signal) emission have different values of round-trip time (delay). Aim of the study is therefore to build up the mathematical model of intracavity optical parametric oscillator (ICOPO) considered as a time-delay dynamic system with two values of delay in both cavities (the pump and signal). Methods.

Analysis of steady-state stability for intracavity optical parametric oscillator: Method of small-parameter expansion

The aim of the study is to analytically determine the linear stability of a steady-state operation point for an optical parametric oscillator (OPO) intracavity pumped by a semiconductor disk laser (SDL). Methods. In order to build the analytic approximation to the characteristic equation roots, the method of small-parameter expansion is used. The results of analytic and numerical methods are compared with each other. Results.

Impact of time delay on the dynamics of optical parametric oscillator with intra-cavity pumping by semiconductor disk laser

Theme. The dynamics of a nonlinear numerical model of a nonlinear optical interaction in the semiconductor disk laser resonator under influence of the time delay is investigated. The conditions of self-excitation, stationary generation modes and their stability are studied. Methods. The analysis of stationary generation stability was performed with DDE-Biftool package. Analysis of higher dimensional regimes was performed using numerical integration, construction of phase portraits, spectra and calculation of Lyapunov exponents. Results.