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Worlds of synergetics: from the past to the future

The whole have possess a wonderful gift to attach a new meaning to it’s parts, create inner harmony, lift the veil of future. This paper is about the whole.

Synergetics of mathematical models for analysis of composite materials

The authors propose a complex approach for the analysis of composite materials, including the fundamental models of the nonlinear dynamics, model of effective medium and the theory of electrical circuits. The composite consisting of spherical inclusions in the matrix is considered. The simulation of composite material is carried out by various methods. Download full version

Synergetics and geoecology: ways of coevolution

This article contains the information concerning the organization of the All-Russian scientific school in the Saratov State University for young scientists. The paper deals with the reviews of the lectures, labs, practical tasks, etc. The scientists from different regions of Russia have taken part in this school.  

Creator of the future

There are the author’s reminiscences about the meetings and communication for many years with academician Nikita Nikolaevich Moiseev (1917–2000) – the scientist, the mathematician, the philosopher, the man of encyclopedic knowledges, foresaw the future. In the own scientific activities N. N. Moiseev proved himself as a scientific leader with broad-minded, empathetic mentor to young scientists, person experiencing problems of science, country and humanity as their own.   DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2017-25-3-89-98   Paper reference: Malinetskii G.G.