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singular continuous spectrum

Control parameter space of a nonlinear oscillator under quasiperiodic driving

Dynamics and space of сontrol parameters for a nonlinear oscillator under quasi­periodic driving are investigated experimentally by using a nonlinear circuit with p­n junction diode and numerically by using maps and differential equations. The dynamics of the systems under quasiperiodic driving is invariant due to initial driving phases, as a result the plane of the driving amplitudes is symmetrical.

Strange nonchaotic attractor of Hunt and Ott type in a system with ring geometry

The physical realizable system of ring structure, with a fixed irrational ratio of basic frequencies of external driving (the golden mean) manifests a strange nonchaotic attractor (SNA), similar to the attractor in the abstract map on a torus proposed and analyzed earlier by Hunt and Ott as an example of robust SNA. Simulation of the dynamics is provided basing on the numerical integration of the corresponding non-autonomous system of differential equations with quasi-periodic coefficients.