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Method for detecting of two types of brain neural ensemble activity during sleep according to electroencephalographic records

Method for detecting of two different types of sleep spindles on electroencephalogram was offered. High precision of this method was demonstrated; it can be used in neurophysiological research of regularity of appearing of different patterns on electroencephalogram.

Analysis of epileptic activity of brain in case of absence epilepsy: applied aspects of nonlinear dynamics

The paper summarizes the main results of analysis of electroencephalograms in rats with genetic predisposition to absence epilepsy (WAG/Rij rat strain). Properties of epileptic activity are described in time and in frequency domains; dynamics of epileptic activity is investigated, as well as changes in electroencephalogram structure prior to epileptic discharges. Physiologic interpretation of the investigated phenomena helps in better understanding of the nature of the investigated phenomena.

Wavelet analysis of sleep spindles on EEG and development of method for their automatic diagnostic

The detailed wavelet analysis of sleep electric brain activity, obtained from rats with genetic predisposition to absence-epilepsy, has been performed. Characteristic features of time-and-frequency structure of sleep spindles (oscillatory pattern, that serve as electroencephalographic correlate for slow-wave sleep) have been discovered in long-term electroencephalographic data. Operation has been performed using continuous wavelet transform.