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Trubetskov Scientific School

The School of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov is a unique phenomenon widely known to the scientific community both in Russia and abroad. Its includes science, education and a lot of educational activities. The uniqueness of the School of D. I. Trubetskov is that it covers a wide range of current scientific areas: vacuum electronics, magnetoelectronics, nonlinear dynamics, etc. The School of D. I.

Sergey P. Kurdyumov and his evolutionary model of dynamics of complex systems

Sergei P. Kurdyumov (1928–2004) and his distinguished contribution in the development of the modern interdisciplinary theory and methodology of study of complex selforganizing systems, i.e. synergetics, is under consideration in the article. The matter of a mathematical model of evolutionary dynamics of complex systems elaborated by him is demonstrated. The nonlinear equation of heat conductivity serves as a basis of the model. Under certain conditions, it describes dynamics of development of structures of different complexity in the blow-up regime.

Worlds of synergetics: from the past to the future

The whole have possess a wonderful gift to attach a new meaning to it’s parts, create inner harmony, lift the veil of future. This paper is about the whole.