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Prospective field emitters made from carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconductors recent developments

  The article presents the latest published in the literature data on the development and research of promising field emitters made from carbon nanotubes, graphene and semiconductors. The possibilities of obtaining high densities and currents of field emission, as well as opportunities to ensure long-term operation of emitters in high-voltage electron devices are analyzed. Download full version

Development of field emitters for short wave microwave devices and their investigation in spbpu. The last achievements

Topic and aim. The data on the latest achievements of authors on the development and investigation of field emitters for electron-beam microwave devices of millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths range are presented. Methods. The methods for creating and characteristics of new type cathodes, that are of great practical interest, are described: multi-tip silicon cathodes with two-layer metal-fullerene coatings and multilayer nano-structured cathodes, whose emission is determined by the fields at the contacts of materials with a different work function.