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terahertz range

Methods of output power increasing in orotron with double- row periodic structure in the short-wavelength part of millimeter-wave range

The peculiarities of the orotron double-row electrodynamical system and methods of output power increase were investigated. For the first time in the experimental model of orotron with electrodynamical system consisting of double-row plain periodic structure (DRPS) and sphere-cylindrical focusing mirror the possibility of using wide electron beam in order to output power increase in 140...300 GHz frequency range is demonstrated.

Current-less tuning and control of self-oscillations frequency terahertz range klynotron

Terahertz-range backward wave oscillator – carcinotrons and klynotrons are widely used in radioelectronics systems for solving fundamental and applied problems. Instability of the output signal frequency of the said lamps is not worse than 10?4. The frequency of the carcinotron and klynotron output signal as a rule carried out by changing the operating voltage, i.e. with the expenditure of energy in the control circuit.