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traveling wave tube

Nonstationary discrete theory of excitation of periodic structures and its application for simulation of traveling-wave tubes

Aim. This article presents a review of the nonstationary (time-domain) discrete theory of excitation of periodic electromagnetic structures and discusses applications of the theory for simulation of traveling-wave tube (TWT) microwave power amplifiers with slow-wave structures (SWS) of different kind. Methods. The discrete theory is based on a representation of a periodic SWS as a chain of coupled cells.

Linear theory of multisection broadband twt with inhomogeneous helix slow wave structure

We present the mathematical models, computer code and numerical analysis for modeling linear operation regimes of broadband helix travelling-wave tube (TWT) with the inhomogeneous slow wave structure along the interaction space. One-dimensional model of the interaction of the forward and reflected electromagnetic waves with an electron beam in a inhomogeneous section of the slow wave structure was researched. The calculation method of the linear gain and self-excitation conditions of multisection TWT was suggested.