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Science for Education

Apparent paradoxes in hydraulics

The purpose of this article is to increase the interest of school students in General physics. For notice teacher it will help to illustrate Newton’s laws, Archimed’s law and Pascale’s law by simple home experiments.

Laboratory diagnostic system of toxicity of nanomaterials

The paper describes the results of experimental work of students and post­graduate students of the Department of Biophysics of the FNP SSU and the laboratory of nanobio­technology IBPPM RAS to identify the potential danger of plasmon­resonance nanomaterials in biomedical research, namely the development of software and instrument complex spectrophotometric and microscopic measurements to estimate viability of microalgae Dunaliella salina and determine the toxicity of the components of incubation medium.

Wheel and lever in engineering

The article describes various functions of wheels in machines and mechanisms. It clarifies some aspects of the tasks solutions in mechanics.

About perception, numerical rating and protection of scientific results

The problems of perception, significance of numerical assessments of scientific publications quality, copyright protection are considered. Examples from the history of science are given. Ethical issues by using electronic scientific databases are named.

Problems for educational course «dynamical chaos»

Problems for students are presented to be solved with computer for the educational course «Dynamical Chaos». The set of problems covers topics from the nature of chaos to the scenarios of its appearance. Methodical recommendations are given.

Qualitative analysis and discrete map for the kinematic problem: solutions of problems of scientifc olympiad

The solution of two problems of scientific Olympiad are discussed. At the school level the analysis of the solutions illustrates examples of systems, which can display qualitative change of a state and for which a method of discrete maps may be applied.

Scientific olympiad «physicist-researcher»

The new form of work with young researchers – Scientific Olympiad is introduced. The announcement of Scientific Olympiad and the problems are presented.

Summer physics mathematics school «Varnavino» of the institute of applied physics of ras

Since 1988 Institute of Applied Physics of RAS organized Summer Physics Mathematics School for children (10-11 classes of high-school) who interested physics and mathematics. Now there are two sessions of this school – in June and in August. The program of the school consists of lectures, student’s seminars, sections, experimental work.  

Research problems

Some problems of introduction of the research methods in high-school education are discussed. The research problems for high-school students are proposed. By solving those problems high-school students will get to know the methods of the scientific work.  

«Nonlinear minimum» in the theory of discrete maps

The introduction in the theory of discrete maps available for understanding to senior classes pupils and students of younger years is presented. It demonstrates correlation of discrete and continuous descriptions of dynamical systems. The physical examples facilitate a perception of a material. The computer tasks are presented, which decision gives a chance to generate enough capacious collection of programs, that can be used in research work.


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