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Two lectures about the two ways of symmetry investigation

These lectures were delivered to the high school students at the School – seminar «Nonlinear Days for Youth in Saratov – 2012» in October 2012. They present the two ways of historical investigation of symmetry. The first way is self-similarity, i.e. invariance at dimension scale changing. In a more general way the term «scaling» is used, meaning the existence of power-law correlation between some variable and variables x1, ...xn: y = Ax1α1...xnαn, where A, α1,...αn – are constant.

Current views of evolution: on the role of horizontal gene transfer

This article is an extended summary of a lecture given to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Saratov State University’s Faculty of Nonlinear Processes at the School-cum-Conference «Nonlinear Days for the Young in Saratov – 2012». The article presents a brief review of the literature reflecting the foundations of the modern theory of biological evolution.

Nonlinear dynamics of synthetic gene regulatory circuits

Built in a cell synthetic gene regulatory elements may function rather independently on the original natural system. Experimental and theoretical studies of small synthetic networks allow for a better understanding of fundamental dynamical mechanisms of gene regulation. This paper gives an introduction to the modern mathematical approaches and methods in this field, primarily in the framework of nonlinear dynamics.

Nonlinear days in Saratov

The paper deals with the consideration of the history of the scientific school «Nonlinear days in Saratov for youth», its evolution during more than two decades, its organizers and participants. Other «nonlinear» achievements of the faculty of nonlinear processes staff working under supervision of Prof. D.I. Trubetskov have also been mentioned in the paper.

Two lectures. Dimensional analysis or paradise in physics

In the two lectures read at school for senior pupils «Nonlinear days in Saratov for youth» the basic definitions of the theory of dimension and similarity are stated, and also some special ways for concrete problems decision, in particular, use Pi-theorem and additions of Huntley are presented. The solutions of problems from different areas of physics are shown.

Left-handed media: what is interesting?

Questions associated with the propagation of electromagnetic waves in media with simultaneously negative dielectric ε and magnetic permeability µ (left-handed medium) are considered in this work. These questions are widely discussed in recent years. The specific properties of such media, in particular, caused by the presence of the negative refractive index, are described.

Colloidal gold in light microscopy

This article was prepared on the basis of a lecture for higher forms students on school-conference «Nonlinear days in Saratov for youth – 2011». The lecture discusses about the results of the experimental work on the use of gold plasmon-resonance particles in cytological studies of undergraduate and graduate students of the basic Chair of biophysics of DNP SSU and Laboratory of nanobiotechnology of IBPPM RAS. Some of the optical properties of gold nanoparticles are discussed to ensure their use for diagnostics and therapy of malignant tumors (cancer cells).

Selforganization, pattern formation, open system physics

Paper presents the lecture which was conducted for pupils on workshop «Nonlinear Days in Saratov for Youth – 2011». In the lecture brief introduction in physics of open systems is presented and several examples of process of selforganization and pattern formation in the systems of different nature are discussed.

Worlds of synergetics: from the past to the future (Retracted 25.03.2022)

The whole have possess a wonderful gift to attach a new meaning to it’s parts, create inner harmony, lift the veil of future. This paper is about the whole.