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Chaotic dynamics in the systems of coupling nonautonomous oscillators with resonance and nonresonance communicator of the signal

Chaotic dynamics in the systems of coupling nonautonomous van der Pol oscillators with resonance and nonresonance communicator of the signal is considered. For the both models phase map for the period of the external force are show hyperbolic attractor of the Smale–Williams type. In these models features of chaotic dynamics investigated depending on type of the communicator of the signal.

Discrete breathers and quasibreathers in nonlinear monoatomic chains

We study the stability of the symmetric and antisymmetric discrete breathers in the monoatomic chain described by potential energy which is a uniform function of the fourth order. It is shown that the change of the stability properties of these two dynamical objects (known as Sievers-Takeno and Page modes, respectively) takes place at the same strength of the inter-site interactions with respect to the on-site interactions.

Magnetostatic surface waves parametric instability in two-dimensional (2D) magnonic crystals

First order (three-magnon) parametric instability of magnetostatic surface waves (MSSW) was experimentally studied in two-dimensional (2D) magnonic crystals with rhombic and square lattices with lattice parameter 37–40 µm. The instability was produced by etching of holes 32 µm in diameter and 1–2 µm in depth in the 16 µm-thick yttrium iron garnet (YIG) film. It was found, that MSSW threshold powers for parametric instability development in case of 2D magnonic crystals are of the order of two times greater than analogous threshold values for starting YIG films.

Numerical modelling of magnetostatic wave soliton formation process

Through numerical simulation by nonlinear Schrodinger equation magnetostatic wave soliton formation process is considered when amplitude and shape of initial pulse differ from soliton solution and non-soliton part can influence on soliton evolution. It is shown, that in lossless approximation soliton peak amplitude can oscillate with spatial period Λ: LD ≤ Λ ≤ 66 · LD (or friequency Ω: 0.015 · TD−1 ≤ Ω ≤ TD−1), LD и TD – length and time of dispersion.

Nonlinear transmission lines on the basis of coupled systems with ferromagnetic films

Principal nonlinear characteristics of transmission lines on the basis of coupled structures with ferromagnetic films at excitation of different types of magnetostatic waves are described proceeding from theoretical and experimental researches. Following types of coupled systems are analyzed: «electrodynamic structure – ferromagnetic film»; the layered structure in the form of two coupled ferromagnetic films, each taken separately is considered as wave controlling structure for magnetostatic waves; and «electrodynamic structure – two coupled ferromagnetic films».

Magnetostatic surface wave pulses self-action effects under propagation in ferrite-dielectric-metal structures

Magnetostatic surface wave (MSSW) bright solitons in a ferrite-dielectric-metal (FDM) structure have been studied experimentally and numerically in the framework of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation. The attention was focused on the influence of the parametric instability on the soliton formation and propagation.

Nonlinear model of interaction of various power level signals in resonance transmission line on magnetostatic waves

Investigation results of nonlinear dual-frequency model of resonance transmission line on backward volume magnetostatic waves are demonstrated. The system of two coupled oscillatory circuits is used as a model. The parameters of system depend on the input signal power level and on the detuning value between large and small signals. The results of the model are compared with the experimental data.

Mechanisms of formation of envelope solitons in periodic ferromagnetic structures

Features of envelope solitons formation in one­dimensional periodic ferromagnetic structure were considered. The model based on the coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equations was used for investigation. The parameter region was calculated in which solitons similar Bragg solitons with different features can arise. Mechanisms of the formation of the solitons localized on the limited length of the structure with different excitation technique were considered.

Semiconductor analogue of Lorenz turbulence model in the circular thermoconvective cell

A set of the nonlinear equations, approximately describing thermoelectrohydrodynamical convection in circular semiconductor cell, which comes to Lorenz model, is obtained. The dependences of the model parameters of materials and ring size, of affixed electric field and of temperature gradient are investigated.