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Last E. V., Frisman E. Y. Craft influence оn population dynamics of anadrom fishes. Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2002, vol. 10, iss. 1, pp. 157-169. DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2002-10-1-157-169

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Craft influence оn population dynamics of anadrom fishes

Last Elena Valerevna, Institute of Automation and Control Processes, FEB RAS (IASP FEB RAS)
Frisman Efim Yakovlevich, Institute for Complex Analysis of Regional Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch

The following mathematical model (recurrent equation with time lag) for describing of the non-uniform anadrom fish population number dynamics is suggested. Conditions causing regular and chaotic fluctuations in the system were found. The influence of two different craft methods оn the population dynamics is investigated. It is supposed that volume of a craft depends on trade efforts and current value of number. It is shown that if the value оf trade efforts depends оn number nonlinearly then intensification of such craft inevitably brings the population either into oscillation (or chaotic) regim or to degeneration. 

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The work was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant No. 99-01-00633).
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