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analog simulation

Lorenz type attractor in electronic parametric generator and its transformation outside the accurate parametric resonance

The paper deals with a parametric oscillator composed of three LC-circuits and a quadratic nonlinear reactive element built on the basis of an operational amplifier and an analog multiplier; the equations for amplitudes of the interacting modes are derived. Motivation is a desire to implement the mechanism of parametric interaction of oscillatory modes giving rise to emergence of a strange attractor of Lorenz type without distortions introduced by nonlinearities of order three and higher.

Complex dynamics and chaos in electronic self-oscillator with saturation mechanism provided by parametric decay

We consider an electronic oscillator based on two LC-circuits, one of which includes negative conductivity (the active LC-circuit), where complex dynamics and chaos occur corresponding to the model of wave turbulence of Vyshkind–Rabinovich. The saturation effect for the self-oscillations and their chaotisation take place due to parametric mechanisms due to the presence of a quadratic nonlinear reactive element based on an operational amplifier and an analog multiplier.