ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

Cardiac dynamics

Modeling of cardiac activity on the basis of maps: dynamics of single element

New computationally efficient model of cardiac activity is introduced. The model is a four-dimensional map based on well-known Luo–Rudy model. Capabilities of the model in replication of the basic cardiac cells’ properties are shown. Analysis of relationship between changes in individual parameters of the model and biophysical processes in real cardiac cells has been made. The model can reproduce two basic activity modes such as excitable and oscillatory regimes. Bifurcation mechanisms of transitions of between these regimes are investigated using phase space analysis.

Alternative methods for spiral wave chaos control and suppressing in cardiac models

We investigate elements, which describes the Luo–Rudy model equations. We ana?lyze the influence of different parameters for the spiral wave chaos properties.We analyze the effect of (i) constant current influence, (ii) calcium channels blocking, (iii) potassium channels activating. We present the histograms of the middle frequencies of elements, when the spiral wave chaos takes place.