ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

chaotic communication

The study of the unidirectionally coupled generators of robust chaos and wide band communication scheme based on its synchronization

A numerical simulation of a wide band or secure communication scheme, based on nonlinear admixture of an information signal to the chaotic one, and on synchronization of the transmitter and receiver generators, manifesting hyperbolic chaos. Synchronization of the transmitter and receiver is provided by a strong unidirectional coupling between them. The study of the possibility of synchronization between subsystems and functionality of the communication scheme are presented.

A new information transfer scheme based on phase modulation of a carrier chaotic signal

A new information transfer scheme based on dynamical chaos is suggested. An analog carrier signal is generated by self­exciting chaotic generator in a phase­coherent oscillatory regime. This carrier undergoes a modified procedure of phase modulation by information signal, which simultaneously affects upon the transmitting generator via the feedback loop. After the communication channel is passed, the signal modulated by information acts upon a receiving generator, so that a synchronous chaotic response arises in it.

Modelling ensembles of nonlinear continuous time dynamical systems in active ultra wideband wireless networks

The paper deals with a new multi­element processor platform to model the behavior of interacting dynamical systems – active wireless network. Each dynamical system modeling process, is associated with an active network node. The interaction between the dynamical systems is made through the transfer of information on the state of the system through radio channels between nodes of active network. Platform capabilities are demonstrated by an ensemble of oscillators Kuramoto. Describes the technique of modeling, experimental results and their analysis.