ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

dissipative structures

Dissipative structures of reaction–diffusion system simulation in multiplicative fluctuation phone

The influence of multiplicative fluctuations of parameters of reaction­diffusion system on example of Gierer–Meinhardt model to formation of dissipative structures in soft mode instability regime was investigated. The system described interaction of non­decreased modes (order parameters) was received. It was shown that fluctuations of parameters are lead to changing of number of unstable modes, shifting of their eigenvalues and parametrical excitation of the system. The numerical simulation of described model evolution was received.

Self-­similarity at different scale levels in irradiated solid materials

Self-organized structures after ion-beam irradiation in solid materials have been studied using the method of fractal dimension. General computer method of the scale invariance evaluation for exposed dispersive structures is described. It was demonstrated that structures after irradiation can be characterized by the compatibility of scale invariance properties at different scale levels.

Analytical research and numerical simulation of contrast dissipative structures in the field of fluctuations of dynamical variables

The influence of additive homogeneous isotropic field of Gauss fluctuations of dynamical variables of Gierer–Meinhardt model to formation of dissipative structures in soft mode regime was investigated. The system of equations for description of undamped modes interaction was received. It was shown that fluctuations of dynamical variables are widening the instability region. The numerical simulation of considered model with different boundary condition was performed.

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