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Modern research on primary school children brain functioning in the learning process: Review

The purpose of this article is to review studies related to the study of primary school children’s brain activity in the educational process. In addition, to find out how common such researches are and to define the main directions of scientists’ activities on the topic, and their chosen research approaches. Methods. Qualitative content analysis was used to select articles suitable for the topic under study: several sets of keywords, journals with a quartile of at least the second, and English language publications were identified as requirements. Results.

Reconstruction of an evolution operator as a technique of analysis of epileptiform electric brain activity

We propose a new method for analysis of electroencephalograms. It is based on construction of a parameterized stochastic model of the observed process (evolution operator). A certain functional form of the evolution operator is proposed. This form describes deterministic properties of the investigated process, as well as stochastic ones. The parameters of the evolution operator are reconstructed from the experimental data by using the Bayesian approach. New («fast») dynamical variables, which allow for the peculiar features of electroencephalogram, are found.