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electron beam

Dynamics of cylindrical electron beams injecting in a half-space with perfectly-conducting boundary

The purpose of this work is to study the dynamics of electron beams and bunches in a system with an ideally conducting plane and a uniform magnetic field in the presence of delayed electromagnetic waves when a virtual cathode is formed in the system and with parameters close to this state. Methods. The dynamics of a cylindrical electron beam flying through an ideally conducting plane into a strong longitudinal magnetic field is studied by numerical simulation. Particles are large.

Autooscillations in o-type oscillator at excitation of space-surface mode in resonator with a periodically inhomogeneous grating

The regime of the simultaneous existence of space and surface waves in the O-type oscillator with a periodically inhomogeneous comb has been considered. The impedance and quality factor dependences for space waves, surface waves and hybrid mode have been compared.

By the theory of the electron waves and the discrete electron-wave interaction in the stopbands of the slow-wave systems

The role of the discrete description of electron-wave interaction in high-power traveling wave tubes is shown. Deals with the development of this trend on the basis of the theory of interaction of the difference equation excitation waveguides. The validity of the linear theory and developed a universal characteristic equation of electron waves, using the difference equation excitation waveguides in stopbands of slow-wave systems.

Study of discrete electron-wave interaction in the passband and stopband of slow-wave systems

This article contains analysis of properties discrete electron-wave interaction in resonance slow-wave system (SWS). Equations of interaction are written in matrix form. Eigenvalues of transfer matrix with electron beam define spread constant of four electron waves. Features of electron waves in SWS with «smooth» energy stream and in SWS with «winding» flow are examined. Simulation is performed and amplification of multisection TWT with passband and stopband sections of SWS is found. Field distribution along stopband section is found.

Analogy in interactions of electronic beams and hydrodynamic flows with fields of resonators and periodic structures

The hydrodynamic equations of inviscid compressible fluid are converted to a form suitable for development of self-consistent theory of interaction of hydrodynamic flows with resonators and periodic structures by analogy with the theory of microwave electronics devices with crossed electric and magnetic fields. We consider excitation of the acoustic velocity fields by the sources provided by vorticity in the flow.

Analogy in interactions of electronic beams and hydrodynamic flows with fields of resonators and periodic structures

The research is devoted to a method of diagnostics and quantitative analysis of chaotic synchronization in the presence of noise. We analyze how the additive white normal noise influences the accuracy of the measurement of synchronization of chaos. We also propose a new modification of the standard algorithm, which significantly reduces the sensitivity of the method to the noise.