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Mechanisms leading to bursting oscillations in the system of predator–prey communities coupled by migrations

The purpose is to study the periodic regimes of the dynamics for two non-identical predator–prey communities coupled by migrations, associated with the partial synchronization of fluctuations in the abundance of communities. The combination of fluctuations in neighboring sites leads to the regimes that include both fast bursts (bursting oscillations) and slow oscillations (tonic spiking). These types of activity are characterized by a different ratio of synchronous and non-synchronous dynamics of communities in certain periods of time.

Synchronous oscillations of two populations of different species linked via interspecific interference competition

A model for competition of two different species is considered. It is assumed that each consumer specializes on one resource only. The resource uptake rates are held constant.The basic feature of the model is that the dynamics of the resource is much slower than that of the consumer.The two consumers are coupled through direct reciprocal inhibition. Besides, self-limitation of the consumers due to overcrowding is also taken into account. The resources are noninteractive.