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About nonlinear theory of two-cavity klystron with a drift space in the form of medium with complex permittivity

The purpose of this work is to construct an approximate nonlinear theory of a klystron amplifier in which a medium with complex conductivity or with metamaterials with negative permittivity is located between the input and output cavities instead of the drift space. Within the framework of the constructed theory, calculate the output characteristics (gain, output power and efficiency) of the described device and compare the results with the classic two-cavity klystron. Methods.

About current state high frequency vacuum electronic and microelectronic devices with field emission

Some results of researches and development of devices with field emission (TWT, BWO, carcinotrode, klystrons and X-ray tubes, field emission displays, etc.) have been briefly presented in the article. Lines of development of its theory have been designated. Also the vacuum microwave electronics programs offered in Europe and USA have been considered. They are directed on using new technologies in coping with the terahertz frequency range, reflecting the trend of recent years.