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Pattern formation

Dynamics of roller domains at parametric excitation of capillary waves in rectangular geometry boundary

The work presents the results of experimental investigation of roller domains parametrically excited by the capillary waves. Domains rollers were oriented parallel to the different borders of the rectangular cell and perpendicular to each other. Found that depending on the initial and boundary conditions on the edges of the cell can emerge two-dimensional domains of different forms. The dynamics of the domain is determined by the movement of their fronts.

Spiral structures from heavy particles at parametrical excitement of standing capillary waves

The paper presents experimental studies on the formation of spiral structures of heavy particles by the field of parametrically excited standing spiral waves. Particles move under the influence of the average currents field generated near the bottom in a viscous liquid by standing waves. The formation of structures has a threshold character and depends on the intensity of the field of standing waves. Formation of multi-armed structures revealed.

Selforganization, pattern formation, open system physics

Paper presents the lecture which was conducted for pupils on workshop «Nonlinear Days in Saratov for Youth – 2011». In the lecture brief introduction in physics of open systems is presented and several examples of process of selforganization and pattern formation in the systems of different nature are discussed.

Modeling of cardiac activity on the basis of maps: ensembles of coupled elements

The dynamics of coupled maps’ ensembles is investigated in the context of description of spatio-temporal processes in the myocardium. Particular, the dynamics of two coupled maps is explored as well as modeling the interaction of pacemaker (oscillatory) cell and myocyte (excitable cell), and the interation of two pacemakers. Setting of synchronous regime by increasing of coupling strength is considered through a coincidence of their characteristic time scales (characteristic frequencies).

Dynamics of roll domains and the formation of structures of particles in parametric excitation of capillary waves

The proposed material is a review of the results of the study of the dynamics of roll domains of parametrically excited waves on the surface of the liquid. The processes of establishing regular wave patterns and structures from heavy particles produced by a field of standing waves are discussed from the standpoint of nonlinear dynamics.