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phase synchronization

Increasing the sensitivity of real-time method for diagnostic of autogenerators phase synchronization based on their non-stationary time series

Purpose of this work is to of the research – Increasing the sensitivity of a method for diagnosing phase synchronization of autogenerators based on their non-stationary time series in real time, and also a comparison of the statistical properties of the proposed modification of the method with the well-known method for diagnostics of loop synchronization, which has proven itself in the analysis of experimental data.

Using a mathematical model of cardiovascular system for preparing surrogate data for testing methods of phase synchronization analysis

The aim of present research is refinement of the parameters and statistical properties of methods for diagnosing
phase synchronization areas based on the dependence of the instantaneous phase difference of oscillations on time.
Methods. Two methods are compared that allow one to identify of synchronization modes based on the dependence of
the instantaneous phase difference of oscillations on time: a method based on an estimate of the phase coherence coefficient

On the question of two self-exciting oscillation models in non-physical systems

In this article Wilson-Cowan model for interactions of excitatory and inhibitory neurons and model of currency oscillations on a Forex market were considered.

Intermittency near phase synchronization boundary at different time scales

In this paper the results of the study of the intermittent behavior taking place near the phase synchronization boundary on the different time scales of the observation are given. It has been shown that below the phase synchronization boundary, in the area of eyelet intermittency there are time scales where the ring intermittency is also observed. In other words, for the certain values of the coupling strength and time scale of observation both types of the intermittent behavior take place simultaneously.