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Полупроводниковая сверхрешетка

Nonlinear dynamics of small perturbation of semiconductor superlattice reference state near generation threshold

Present research is focused on the dynamics of the perturbation of semiconductor superlattice (SL) reference state near the generation threshold as for the case of influence of titled magnetic field as for the case when the magnetic field is absent. The evolution of the considered perturbation is described with the help of linearized evolution operator. It has been shown that increase of the applied voltage leads to decrease of the attenuation coefficient, which becomes zero in bifurcation point where stationary state loses it’s stability.

Temperature effect on drift velocity of electrons in superlattice in electric and tilted magnetic fields

The work studies the effects of temperature on drift velocity of the electrons in semiconductor superlattices in electric and tilted magnetic fields. It is shown that a thermal distribution of the electrons can counter­intuitively enhance the phenomena related to resonances between the Bloch and the cyclotron frequencies of electron motion in superlattices. In particular, the increase of temperature leads to more prominent resonant maxima in the dependence of drift velocity of electrons on the strength of an electric field.