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spiral chaos

Mathematical theory of dynamical chaos and its applications: Review Part 2. Spiral chaos of three-dimensional flows

The main goal of the present paper is an explanation of topical issues of the theory of spiral chaos of three-dimensional flows, i.e. the theory of strange attractors associated with the existence of homoclinic loops to the equilibrium of saddle-focus type, based on the combination of its two fundamental principles, Shilnikov’s theory and universal scenarios of spiral chaos, i.e. those elements of the theory that remain valid for any models, regardless of their origin.

Alternative methods for spiral wave chaos control and suppressing in cardiac models

We investigate elements, which describes the Luo–Rudy model equations. We ana?lyze the influence of different parameters for the spiral wave chaos properties.We analyze the effect of (i) constant current influence, (ii) calcium channels blocking, (iii) potassium channels activating. We present the histograms of the middle frequencies of elements, when the spiral wave chaos takes place.