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the Lorenz attractor

Effect of filtering in dynamic system parameters estimation

A question on the distortion of the dynamic system parameters estimation using a time variation of the single component after exposing recursive filters with different order and with different cut-off frequency is analyzed. The Lorenz system is used as a test dynamic system for comparative evaluation of the correlation dimension and the dimension of the system state vector in the case of recursive filtering.

Lorenz type attractor in electronic parametric generator and its transformation outside the accurate parametric resonance

The paper deals with a parametric oscillator composed of three LC-circuits and a quadratic nonlinear reactive element built on the basis of an operational amplifier and an analog multiplier; the equations for amplitudes of the interacting modes are derived. Motivation is a desire to implement the mechanism of parametric interaction of oscillatory modes giving rise to emergence of a strange attractor of Lorenz type without distortions introduced by nonlinearities of order three and higher.