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two-dimensional distributed feedback

Two-dimensional distributed feedback as a method for generation of powerful coherent radiation from spatially-extended relativistic electron beams

The purpose of the research presented in the review is to analyze a new feedback mechanism  – two-dimensional (2D) distributed feedback, and to study the possibility of using this mechanism for generation of powerful spatially-coherent radiation. Such 2D distributed feedback is implemented by applying 2D Bragg structures, which represent sections of planar or coaxial waveguides with the 2D-periodical corrugation and can be considered as an analog of the 2D photonic crystals. Methods.

Microwave electronics as art of energy flows manipulation

Classification of electronic oscillators and amplifiers has been performed based on the ratio between directions of the kinetic energy of electrons and electromagnetic energy flows. It is shown that management of electromagnetic flows, such as through the use of natural diffraction spread and with various modifications of Bragg structures, is an effective method to synchronize the radiation of electron beams with transverse size significantly exceeding the wavelength.