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Vacuum creation

Vacuum particle creation in strong fields: statistical aspects

In the present review we summarize the known informations about the evolution of a strongly nonequilibrium quasiparticle electron-positron plasma created from the vacuum under the influence of a strong nonstationary electromagnetic field. The methodical basis is given by quantum kinetic equations of the non-Markovian type which are nonperturbative consequences of the basic equations of QED in the collisionless approximation.

Search for approximate methods for description of nonlinear vacuum e- e+ pairs creation processes in electromagnetic fields

The simplest kinetic equation for description of the electron-positron plasma vacuum creation in a strong linearly polarized electric («laser») field was reduced to the nonlinear ordinary differential equation of the second order. The corresponding truncated equation without the dissipative contributions was obtained also. In area of the tunnel mechanism action the non-local under an external field solutions for the residual electron-positron plasma was first obtained.