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Обзоры актуальных проблем нелинейной динамики

Two-stream instability – linear and nonlinear microwave phenomena

This article is the second part of the review of works devoted to the phenomenon of two-stream instability in microwave electronics. As it is known, a problem of creating devices operating in the terahertz frequency range is a rather actual today. Although there are many devices that can generate or amplify signals in this range, most of them refer to extremely powerful relativistic devices. At the same time there is a lack of compact medium power devices.

Генезис схемы чуа

Статья представляет собой систематическое изложение последовательности технических этапов, пройденных автором при разработке схемы, генерирующей хаос. Процедура разработки, хотя и ясна по своей природе, не могла быть изобретена без использования некоторых важных свойств нелинейных схем и их физических реализаций.

Turbulence in microwave electronics: teoretical approaches and experimental results

A review of the current state of different theoretical approaches to the description of turbulence in electron beams and electronic devices at microwave frequencies is shown. A three types of turbulent (nonlaminar) electron beams were considered. The first type of turbulent electron beam is caused by the intersection of electronic trajectories (e.g., due to thermal velocity) and it is common to the flow of electrons at all.

Polynomial eigenfuctions of the perron–frobenius operator

In the paper, we reveal the structure of polynomial functions of the eigenfunctions and the kernel of the Perron–Frobenius operator for one-dimensional chaotic maps that iterative functions have the following properties: they are piecewise-linear ones; they have full branches transforming the domain of its definition to the full range of the mapping; the have arbitrary slope of branches; they have not some gaps between the branches.

Wavelet transform of time series and atmosphere dynamics

Wavelet transform is described as a new tool for investigation of data generated by the chaotic dynamic systems. Its usage is illustrated by the analysis of the temporal oscillation of the atmosphere zonal circulation index.