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Обзоры актуальных проблем нелинейной динамики

О гомоклинических аттракторах трехмерных потоков

Тема работы -- гомоклинические аттракторы трехмерных динамических систем с непрерывным временем. Основной целью работы является построение классификации таких аттракторов по типу состояния равновесия, принадлежащего аттрактору, и выделение среди них классов псевдогиперболических аттракторов, хаотическая динамика которых сохраняется при возмущениях системы.

Mathematical theory of dynamical chaos and its applications: Review Part 2. Spiral chaos of three-dimensional flows

The main goal of the present paper is an explanation of topical issues of the theory of spiral chaos of three-dimensional flows, i.e. the theory of strange attractors associated with the existence of homoclinic loops to the equilibrium of saddle-focus type, based on the combination of its two fundamental principles, Shilnikov’s theory and universal scenarios of spiral chaos, i.e. those elements of the theory that remain valid for any models, regardless of their origin.

Reconstruction of model equations of networks of oscillators with delay in node dynamics and couplings between them: Review

The aim of this review is to show the modern level of research in the area of reconstruction of network models from measured time series, for which individual nodes are described by time-delayed equations or there is a delay in coupling. Methods are described for reconstruction of coupling coefficients and functions, nonlinear functions of individual nodes and for detection of superfluous couplings. The techniques for delay time detection are considered separately due to their choice is crucial for success of entire reconstruction procedure.


Эта работа посвящена актуальным вопросам теории спирального хаоса трехмерных потоков, т.е. теории странных аттракторов, связанных с существованием у таких систем гомоклинических петель состояний равновесия типа седло-фокус. Математические основы этой теории были заложены в 60-х годах в знаменитых работах Л.П. Шильникова, и на эту тему к настоящему времени накоплено очень много важных и интересных результатов.

Реконструкция модельных уравнений сетей осцилляторов с запаздыванием в динамике узлов и связях между ними: обзор

Цель данного обзора --- показать современный уровень исследований в области реконструкции по имеющимся временным рядам моделей сетей, в которых отдельные узлы описываются уравнениями с запаздыванием, либо запаздыванием присутствует в функциях связи.

Terahertz vacuum electromagnetic radiation sources: evolution zigzag from klynotron to klynoorbictron

Investigation and development of e?cient electromagnetic oscillations sources are one of the topical issues in the ?eld of terahertz radiophysics and electronics. A frequency region is regarded as an explored for which oscillating, amplifying and measurement devices have not been developed. The exploration of the terahertz frequency range is at the initial state.

About current state high frequency vacuum electronic and microelectronic devices with field emission

Some results of researches and development of devices with ?eld emission (TWT, BWO, carcinotrode, klystrons and X-ray tubes, ?eld emission displays, etc.) have been brie?y presented in the article. Lines of development of its theory have been designated. Also the vacuum microwave electronics programs o?ered in Europe and USA have been considered. They are directed on using new technologies in coping with the terahertz frequency range, re?ecting the trend of recent years.

Determining the value of the structure water-containing environment of living tissue in biomedical radio-electronic nanotechnologies millimetric and terahertz ranges

The article contains the short review of the main results on research of a role of structuration of the water-containing environment in the living tissues. These tissues are used as the objects of research in biomedical radio-electronic nanotechnologies of the extremely high-frequency and terahertz ranges. The experimental devices and technique of researches of the water containing environment structuration under the in?uence of electromagnetic radiation are described. The results of pilot studies are given.

By the theory of the electron waves and the discrete electron- wave interaction in the stopbands of the slow-wave systems

The role of the discrete description of electron-wave interaction in high-power traveling wave tubes is shown. Deals with the development of this trend on the basis of the theory of interaction of the di?erence equation excitation waveguides. The validity of the linear theory and developed a universal characteristic equation of electron waves, using the di?erence equation excitation waveguides in stopbands of slow-wave systems.